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- No deals already under contract or daisy chains

- We must have a 10 day inspection period

- Single Family Only. MAX 65% ARV

Due to popularity and deal flow we are not taking any more submissions. 5-28-15

Investors Inquire:
Are you looking for Real Estate returns that beat stock market every year???

Why DO YOU NEED EMD Funders and what makes us Special?

If you want Money to Fund your Deals, then you need us. We provide real POF (Proof of Funds) with the name matching the offer and EMD (Earnest Money Deposit) for your Deals, Period. If you need to purchase a property that will bring your investments to the next level but don’t have the earnest cash at your disposal, then we can help.

Let’s face it. Most banks and sellers are starting to require more hoops for us to jump through in order to get deals under contract. There are several reasons for this. One major reason...Banks and the Sellers have been dealing with many unscrupulous characters that will tie up a deal with a contract only to back out at the last minute. Or they have locked up deals creating ’daisy chains’ that has forced sellers into stricter offer submission guidelines.

NOW, that you have EMDFunderss You ARE Legitimate.

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Writing (fake) Escrow Checks is a SCAM!!!

For many years, the so-called, ’’Ready, Willing and able Buyer’’ would make offers by writing a check to escrow that would NEVER be cashed. The buyer would at the last minute, have an end-buyer wire the funds to the seller. At which point, the buyer would tell the seller NOT to Cash the original check....this act is Illegal. Writing a bad check is a federal offense.

In other words, writing a bad check that you have NO Intention of EVER being cashed because you don’t have the Funds, is illegal.

Think of when the Federal Reserve audits the bank and follows the money to make sure all bank sales have been legit. Imagine a hot shot regulator making a stink because an escrow deposit came from another buyers account. This is almost a form of check fraud called ’’floating.’’ If you get caught for check fraud, it’s a federal offense and could lead to imprisonment.

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IMAGINE if I told you 10 years ago, that by simply talking to an Investor at an auction would land you in jail?

In northern California, a few Investors started trading tips, in passing at the auctions. Next thing you know they had a federal case for Bid Rigging.

’’Two Northern California Real Estate Investors Charged with Bid Rigging at Public Foreclosure Auctions’’.....Read the actual DOJ press release for yourself!

Investors tend to think their industry can never be impacted by NEW Federal regulations, or somehow they are invincible to the repercussions of getting aggressive and pushing the envelope too far. Which brings us to...

ESCROW ’’Check Float’’ is it Legal?

There is nothing wrong with saying that you will wire funds instead of issuing a check but we all understand that is not, what is taking place. With escrow check float, you are acting as the ’’straw buyer’’ and getting another buyer to make the deposit. Is it a gray area? YES! Is it illegal? Writing a bad check is illegal! That is to say, issuing a check to somebody where you actually don’t have the money in your account is fraudulent. Why take the risk! Do you still think that the government won’t try to make an example out of a certain group? Are you willing to take that chance?

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Other EMD Funders charge $500 or MORE to use their services. We charge NOTHING!

Nothing!!! Yes, you read that correctly! ’’Any company that require up front money, is NOT serious.’’

And how ridiculous is it, for a company to charge you up front money?

Let’s look at the numbers:

You have a deal, with a purchase price of $500K and Repair costs of $100K with a BPO of $1,000,000. You’re telling me that somebody should charge you money, up front for a deal with $400K in equity?

If you have a Deal, WE WANT TO WORK WITH YOU, Our wholesalers and Investors are a ’’Gold Mine of Deal Flow’’ and We Want Your Business!

EMDFunders will do a deal like this every day with NO UP FRONT FEES AND NO OUT OF POCKET COSTS TO YOU.

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EMDFunders has been privately offering EMD Funds since Fall of 2013. Since, our marketing efforts on LinkedIn and Facebook we have noticed other EMD companies offering this service. Most are making money by lending their EMD Funds with fees attached.... with NO Anticipation of Closing the Deal!

Do Not Get Stuck Paying Up Front FEES! They can choose, for ANY reason NOT to carry out the deal or if the deal does not close, you still end up paying the fees. If your due-diligence is inaccurate and rely on them to close then you still lose.

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Try flipping a contract Four times from A to B to C to D, and THEN to your end buyer!!

Other EMD Fund Providers have crazy structures in place, just like mentioned above...

It’s hard enough to flip a Bank deal from A to B to C buyer. Now, try flipping it to an A to B to C then to D buyer! Using other EMD Fund providers, it can make it difficult for you to flip your deals.

With, EMDFunderss, we have a simple A to B structure. Period! If for some reason, you wanted to add in an extra C buyer, then we make that option available to you. Our process is very clean and straight forward.

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Other EMD Fund Provider Companies make it impossible for you to make money.

How does splitting $10,000 four ways sound to you? Not very enticing is it! Here’s the reason, because the company is not direct to the money. You spend countless hours marketing for deals and then end up with peanuts. And what’s the story you always get? ’’Well, it’s better than nothing and if the equity is $500k at least you still end up with $3,000 or $4,000.’’ BULL #$#%&, you should get every penny you deserve. You earned it!

EMDFunders gives you the ability to MAKE MONEY because we are not splitting the funds with a mound of people ...it’s straight forward ...we are direct to the money!

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EMDFunders are not ’’Straw buyers’’ and DO NOT need Partner Approval.

Here’s a Scenario:

You meet an Investor on LinkedIn or Facebook who says she/he has an abundance of deals lined up or has mass amounts of money. After you entertain the idea, you find the money is his partners or the deal is a friend of friends, we call this ’’Daisy Chain.’’ After investing your time and energy, the so called partner or a friend of a friend says, ’’No’’ to the potential deal in play! What a heart break! Did that partner ever exist? Probably not or maybe the Partner never really had any money of his or her own, in the first place.

At EMDFunders we DO NOT NEED a partner or a third party approval to use our EMD Funds. We have one in house officer that reviews the deals. If he stamps it approved then we move forward. That’s it.

Submit your property NOW!!!

How do I make money and how much profit does EMDFunders take?

What we have been propagandizing since you first started reading is that we want you to make money. Every deal is reviewed and if it fits our criteria we move forward. After all if you come to us and say that you only need EMD and already have an end buyer lined up and ready to close, then we will be willing to be more generous. The best thing you can do is submit the details above and get the process started. As you can see we don't need a property address so you can be assured you deal is safe.

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